[I wrote this post 6 months ago, but I never got round to publishing it. Oh well, I suppose it can remind us of warmer times...]

Another school year has flown by and the summer holidays are here. This will be our fourth year of not going away for a holiday over the summer - not the end of the world, I know.

Anyway, this year I decided to keep a photographic journal of our summer as proof of time spent together because I swear time is speeding up and I know that there will only be so many summers left with all the children at home with us. And so I hope that when the summer comes to an end and schools starts, I'll have a tangible piece of evidence that will remind us of all the little things we did over the summer at home even if we didn't go anywhere hot & exciting!


Sunday afternoon, the kids were bored and it was such nice weather outside that we decided to throw the scooters into the boot of the car and drive to our local Park & Ride carpark for some scooter racing.

Luckily for us the carpark was relatively empty and very quiet.

No guesses as to who the biggest kid was and after claiming so often that he's "down with the kids" we finally have some proof?!

However, I must admit that I even joined in (alas no pictures of me on scooter...)


Well, what can I say that isn't already expressed in these photos? Literally, a perfect November afternoon with a family that rocks.