Hello, is anybody actually out there?

This is what I am wondering as I attempt to write my first blog EVER. It's something that I probably should have attempted to do a while ago, but perhaps like so many others I put it off because I honestly didn't know what to write.

However, today was different. For the first time in years (since the children were born, in fact) I went out on the motorbike with my husband. We didn't travel far, but whilst out riding I found myself taking in the scenery and being reminded of how much I love the British countryside.

It's not that I don't get out much, it's just that sometimes or rather most of the time I seem to be so busy with day to day running of 'life' i.e kids, house, husband and work that I forget to stop and simply take in the surroundings that often inspire my work.

However, as I mentioned before today was different.