The great outdoors, well it's not really the great outdoors. It's just a small, open area not far from our house that the girls love playing in. It has plenty of sheltering trees, brambly bushes and shrubs that provide the  perfect backdrop for any imaginative outdoor game. 

There is something different about playing outdoors. No TV, no iPads, no Nintendos just the great outdoors to run around in and play hide and seek or treasure island makes for happier children, in my opinion.

Children have an enviable source of energy and a daily need to use it all up. Honestly, take your  children to the local park, let them loose and watch what happens.

They run, scream and shout. Their little personalities shine through, shaping the games they play. It's amazing the things they can think up - scenarios, characters & rules - all in the name of a game. And let's not forget the things they can collect and use as props such as sticks, stones, flowers and general lumps of dirt...

They can play in their imaginary world and forget about me being there with my camera. This is how I love to photograph them. Capturing candid expressions and precious moments from their fleeting childhood for I know that all too soon they will grow up and a play in the park just won't cut it anymore.