I hate using plastic that is thrown away after a single use. Knowing it will go to landfill to sit there for hundreds of years, maybe thousands or worse end up polluting our oceans and poisoning our wildlife.

It's bad enough with plastic bottles, cartons, yoghurt pots for which facilities and services to recycle them exist, but apparently only half of the plastic bottles we use are recycled.

As if this wasn't bad enough there is also the everyday plastic packaging that manufacturers and supermarkets insist on using to package their goods like biscuits, pasta, crisps, cereal, chocolate bars etc that currently isn't widely recycled. 

What are we meant to do with all that plastic packaging that 'cannot' be recycled? Is it because there are no facilities? Is it too expensive or should supermarkets and manufacturers look at alternative packaging material?

At home we've tried to make some changes such as swapping out regular straws for reusable plastic straws. Where possible we try to buy bigger packs of food and the decant into smaller reusabable plastic containers which come in really handy for the kids packed lunches.

Also, we no longer use sandwich bags or cling film. Instead we've opted for bees wax wraps which work brilliantly. These wraps can be used over and over and when done (they last about a year) they can go in the compost bin. Just remember to only wash them in cold water and keep away from heat sources such as radiators and ovens...yes, I learned the hard way! 

I know this alone isn't going to clean up our oceans, but it might help steer us in the right direction if we all took steps to reduce our plastic usage and look for earth friendly alternatives.


not currently recycled


In the meantime manufacturers need to do more. Those companies need to look at alternative materials to keep food fresh. Materials that can be recycled or will decompose safely once the packaging has served it's purpose.

I feel this should be true for everything that is manufactured, packaged and sold in this world.


one week

Our average plastic usage for a family of 5


Bees Wraps are available from:


 John Lewis  Amazon  Etsy

Bees Wax Wraps


[I wrote this post 6 months ago, but I never got round to publishing it. Oh well, I suppose it can remind us of warmer times...]

Another school year has flown by and the summer holidays are here. This will be our fourth year of not going away for a holiday over the summer - not the end of the world, I know.

Anyway, this year I decided to keep a photographic journal of our summer as proof of time spent together because I swear time is speeding up and I know that there will only be so many summers left with all the children at home with us. And so I hope that when the summer comes to an end and schools starts, I'll have a tangible piece of evidence that will remind us of all the little things we did over the summer at home even if we didn't go anywhere hot & exciting!


Sunday afternoon, the kids were bored and it was such nice weather outside that we decided to throw the scooters into the boot of the car and drive to our local Park & Ride carpark for some scooter racing.

Luckily for us the carpark was relatively empty and very quiet.

No guesses as to who the biggest kid was and after claiming so often that he's "down with the kids" we finally have some proof?!

However, I must admit that I even joined in (alas no pictures of me on scooter...)


Well, what can I say that isn't already expressed in these photos? Literally, a perfect November afternoon with a family that rocks.



If ever there was a time to get your gym gear on and dance an afternoon away (4 hours to be precise) in the middle of Parkers Piece it was this Sunday. More than 150 ladies (and a few brave men) signed up to a Jazzercise event called Petals in the Park to raise money for Petals Charity. An incredibly vital charity that provides counselling to couples who have suffered trauma or loss during pregnancy or birth.

Before you ask, no I wasn't one of those brave enough to sign up, but I did volunteer my time [and skills, right?] to photograph the event. We had sunshine, loud music, energetic instructors and cakes for sale which were all home baked and came in very handy for refuelling the 'jazzercisers'... 

We also had a visit from Geoffrey the Giraffe and Marvin the Moose and I think so far the event has raised something in the region of £15K, which is a tremendous effort. Well done everyone!



A while ago I was asked to do some product shots for a client.

The product? Baby & toddler shoes and as I love photographing children I immediately said yes.

The shoes are not your usual kind. They are described as being "as light as a sock, but more supportive than a pre walker, functional shoes that ergonomically support toddlers’ first steps & thereafter".

How I wished these were around when my children were small especially as two of my children have high insteps and these would have been perfect first shoes. They are durable, machine washable and come in an array of colours to suit all tastes. And I mean all tastes.

I have to say that the toddlers were all very professional. They happily got changed into various shoe designs and strvutted their stuff up and down the client's kitchen. Never have I spent more time lying down on the floor trying to capture fast, moving, wriggly tots! 



A little while ago I had the great pleasure of photographing a gorgeous little girl's first birthday party. This wasn't your typical kids birthday party with lots of screaming toddlers and crying babies, balloons and clowns. It was a wonderfully gracious affair made up of family and close friends, with a fabulous afternoon vintage tea party. 

The tables were beautifully laid out with exquisite vintage china, glasses and cutlery courtesy of Dolly's Vintage China arranged by the lovely Hayley. And the food was exactly what you would expect for an afternoon tea from Sheene Mill.

Thank you Kathy & Rishi for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous family and special party.



The great outdoors, well it's not really the great outdoors. It's just a small, open area not far from our house that the girls love playing in. It has plenty of sheltering trees, brambly bushes and shrubs that provide the  perfect backdrop for any imaginative outdoor game. 

There is something different about playing outdoors. No TV, no iPads, no Nintendos just the great outdoors to run around in and play hide and seek or treasure island makes for happier children, in my opinion.

Children have an enviable source of energy and a daily need to use it all up. Honestly, take your  children to the local park, let them loose and watch what happens.

They run, scream and shout. Their little personalities shine through, shaping the games they play. It's amazing the things they can think up - scenarios, characters & rules - all in the name of a game. And let's not forget the things they can collect and use as props such as sticks, stones, flowers and general lumps of dirt...

They can play in their imaginary world and forget about me being there with my camera. This is how I love to photograph them. Capturing candid expressions and precious moments from their fleeting childhood for I know that all too soon they will grow up and a play in the park just won't cut it anymore.