Sunday afternoon, the kids were bored and it was such nice weather outside that we decided to throw the scooters into the boot of the car and drive to our local Park & Ride carpark for some scooter racing.

Luckily for us the carpark was relatively empty and very quiet.

No guesses as to who the biggest kid was and after claiming so often that he's "down with the kids" we finally have some proof?!

However, I must admit that I even joined in (alas no pictures of me on scooter...)


Well, what can I say that isn't already expressed in these photos? Literally, a perfect November afternoon with a family that rocks.



If ever there was a time to get your gym gear on and dance an afternoon away (4 hours to be precise) in the middle of Parkers Piece it was this Sunday. More than 150 ladies (and a few brave men) signed up to a Jazzercise event called Petals in the Park to raise money for Petals Charity. An incredibly vital charity that provides counselling to couples who have suffered trauma or loss during pregnancy or birth.

Before you ask, no I wasn't one of those brave enough to sign up, but I did volunteer my time [and skills, right?] to photograph the event. We had sunshine, loud music, energetic instructors and cakes for sale which were all home baked and came in very handy for refuelling the 'jazzercisers'... 

We also had a visit from Geoffrey the Giraffe and Marvin the Moose and I think so far the event has raised something in the region of £15K, which is a tremendous effort. Well done everyone!



A while ago I was asked to do some product shots for a client.

The product? Baby & toddler shoes and as I love photographing children I immediately said yes.

The shoes are not your usual kind. They are described as being "as light as a sock, but more supportive than a pre walker, functional shoes that ergonomically support toddlers’ first steps & thereafter".

How I wished these were around when my children were small especially as two of my children have high insteps and these would have been perfect first shoes. They are durable, machine washable and come in an array of colours to suit all tastes. And I mean all tastes.

I have to say that the toddlers were all very professional. They happily got changed into various shoe designs and strutted their stuff up and down the client's kitchen. Never have I spent more time lying down on the floor trying to capture fast, moving, wriggly tots! 



A little while ago I had the great pleasure of photographing a gorgeous little girl's first birthday party. This wasn't your typical kids birthday party with lots of screaming toddlers and crying babies, balloons and clowns. It was a wonderfully gracious affair made up of family and close friends, with a fabulous afternoon vintage tea party. 

The tables were beautifully laid out with exquisite vintage china, glasses and cutlery courtesy of Dolly's Vintage China arranged by the lovely Hayley. And the food was exactly what you would expect for an afternoon tea from Sheene Mill.

Thank you Kathy & Rishi for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous family and special party.



The great outdoors, well it's not really the great outdoors. It's just a small, open area not far from our house that the girls love playing in. It has plenty of sheltering trees, brambly bushes and shrubs that provide the  perfect backdrop for any imaginative outdoor game. 

There is something different about playing outdoors. No TV, no iPads, no Nintendos just the great outdoors to run around in and play hide and seek or treasure island makes for happier children, in my opinion.

Children have an enviable source of energy and a daily need to use it all up. Honestly, take your  children to the local park, let them loose and watch what happens.

They run, scream and shout. Their little personalities shine through, shaping the games they play. It's amazing the things they can think up - scenarios, characters & rules - all in the name of a game. And let's not forget the things they can collect and use as props such as sticks, stones, flowers and general lumps of dirt...

They can play in their imaginary world and forget about me being there with my camera. This is how I love to photograph them. Capturing candid expressions and precious moments from their fleeting childhood for I know that all too soon they will grow up and a play in the park just won't cut it anymore.



With the girls at home over the summer holiday (alas, no motorhome trips to Italy this year) I decided to try and make the most of capturing some of the everyday moments. 

Whatever they were doing, I was going to try and photograph them in their element.

It has to be said that our girls don't usually play rough 'n' tumble, but this was one of those times and I'm so glad I had my camera ready. I love the fact that they were happy to do some good old fashioned bundling. The sort that can really only be done amongst siblings.

I hope that when they are older and they see this photo, they will remember their summer holiday at home. 

I know I will.



The school year has ended (for us at least) and the children came home with the usual plastic bags full of the year's school work, projects, books and art pieces.

Whilst sorting out what to keep (for posterity) and what to recycle, my daughter came up to me holding this beautiful, colourful glass tile.

She proudly explained that she'd made it at school as part of a stained glass art lesson and that she had made it especially for me.

This one's a keeper.

Not just because she made it for me, but because it represents my daughter's vibrant personality in the same way that Matisse would use colour to express emotion. 

Now, it sits on my desk and every time it catches my eye, it makes me smile. 



Hello, is anybody actually out there?

This is what I am wondering as I attempt to write my first blog EVER. It's something that I probably should have attempted to do a while ago, but perhaps like so many others I put it off because I honestly didn't know what to write.

However, today was different. For the first time in years (since the children were born, in fact) I went out on the motorbike with my husband. We didn't travel far, but whilst out riding I found myself taking in the scenery and being reminded of how much I love the British countryside.

It's not that I don't get out much, it's just that sometimes or rather most of the time I seem to be so busy with day to day running of 'life' i.e kids, house, husband and work that I forget to stop and simply take in the surroundings that often inspire my work.

However, as I mentioned before today was different.