From the earliest cave paintings to today's digital photography, everyone seems to be telling their story and I suppose you could say it's in our DNA.

However, those quickly snapped photos and selfies that we rush to upload onto social media are probably not going to be around for very long and aren't exactly going to be passed down through the generations. And in today's busy world of parenting  who's got time to sort through the hundreds (maybe thousands) of camera photos, slap a quick filter on and upload them to an online printing service? 

Now, whilst I don't paint on caves I do want to create for you a photo book that documents the ordinary and beautiful of your everyday, family life. A unique collection of images that show the messy, the real and the moments in-between that you can keep and cherish. So, if you're looking for an easy going, child friendly, family photographer let's not waste anymore time and just get in touch and let me tell your story.

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